Custom oyster knives and other kitchen apparel hand forged in North Carolina.
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Queen Anne-This oyster knife, also forged carbon steel, is a modern twist on a classic design. $40.00 each


Personalize your Carolina Shucker- Add hand-scribed initials and dates to your wedding, graduation, or other special event gift. (Please state specific instructions with your order via an e-mail if not using paypal for check out, or in the 'specific instructions' box if using paypal for checkout) $12.00 each product.

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L'il Big Boy- This oyster knife is a slightly smaller version of the 'Ole Big Boy. $40.00 each

The Carolina Pigtail- This steak (or other meat) turner is forged from one railroad spike, and is a uniqe addition to the grill. $55.00 each.

Please specify if you want to order a left handed pigtail or a right handed one.
Beer Shucker- No key chain or home should be without this unique bottle opener. $25.00 each
Cluster Shucker- This simple and elegant, straight handle oyster knife is crafted from a high-carbon steel railroad spike. $40.00 each
Grandaddy- This knife is forged from a 5/8" inch square steel bar and is styled after the antique production oyster house knife. $40.00 each.
Half Peck- This simple and modern carbon steel knife duals as a bottle opener . $40.00 each.
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